London Summer Fashion

Hi you lovely girls,
So this is essentially a blog dedicated to my summers of London and few affordable styles I chose to flaunt ;).
This post is essentially less of writing and more of sharing the styles I believe would be apt for you to choose in summers !
So without really eating up on lot of space, let’s dive into one of my chosen ones –
1. Crop Top with Knee Length Skirt – This look is elegant as well as trendy. You can rely on this without giving a second thought šŸ™‚ . Clicked @MadameTussaud #London

2. Dungaree Pinafore dress – If you’re bored of casual denim and t shirt looks, this one’s for you, check out. Clicked @LondonGoldenEye

3. A Baby Doll dress – Ok so this one’s my favorite and I would recommend to go for this for any casual outing when you aren’t sure what to put on. Well wait a minute ! If you’re a curvy girl (little bit like me šŸ˜‰ ) this might not look as good as on someone lean. But hey who stops you to try on šŸ˜‰ . Clicked @O2 London

4. Maxi/Long Dress – This goes well with your diner/lunch dates, casual parties or get together. I wore it for my Birth day dinner šŸ™‚

5. Casual/Crop Top/T-Shirt with Jeans/Jeggings – Last but not the least a dress that you can pull out anywhere and everywhere and goes well always (of course not for parties šŸ˜‰ ) . So on my top-5 list, this is the last addition. Check out. #Shrad behind, Clicked at #SkyGarden #London

SOOOO .. With this I have come to end of this post. Please share your views in ‘Comments’ section. Do Follow me on #Wordpress , #Instagram , #Facebook .

Much Love šŸ™‚

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