Friends !

Hey All You Lovely People,

FRIENDS ! isn’t it a topic we all can relate to, in our own ways ?

But before I continue, who is a friend and how many of them you would need to be happy ?
For me, a friend is someone who –
1. Knows you well
2. Is a part of your happy moments
3. Would be there for not so happy moments
4. Wouldn’t need to be reached out to when you need them, would be there with you before asking
5. Is no lesser than your family
6. Is happy for your success and never be envious of you
7. Stand tall in your failures to support and encourage you
8. Can tell you how pathetic you are on your face but would kill if someone tries to demean you on your back 😀
9. Would wish for your well being
10. Love you Unconditionally.

Well, those were my parameters of calling someone a friend. Please do add more in ‘Comments’ if you would like to !

Now, how many friends does one need to stay happy?

It varies person to person. I personally haven’t been a fan of having a big bunch of people around me, who wouldn’t be bothered about how I am doing but would be there for happy moments raising toast 😀

I always have had fewer friends but the ones I can rely upon for anything and everything.

Let me tell a small incident. I have a friend from my school days, we aren’t in touch on a day to day basis, because of our busy lives and commitments, we do talk occasionally though. She would never be reading this blog 🙂
So we talk over the calls or whatsapp each other every once is a while. She once called me early in the morning and I was surprised to see her call during that hour of the day, I picked up and she asked “Are you okay”? I said yes, I am but what happened. She said – Nothing, I dreamt of you and you were crying for some reason I couldn’t understand and so I called to check if you are okay.
Post this incident I met with an accident, wasn’t a major one though. But I was thinking isn’t friendship something which kind of connects two souls in undefined ways.
Like this, there were many incidents which of course I won’t write here 😀 … I call this as FRIENDSHIP where you subconsciously care for other.

We have such active social media these days where the friends’ list keeps on growing but when we are in trouble, only immediate family or few friends are standing next to us, struggling for us.

I believe if someone considers you as their “friend”, please be with them in their not so happy moments because happy faces look great on social media but we need people in not so happy moments more and they too would realize your worth by that extra mile you walked for them.

Be a kind of friend someone would fear to lose.

Please do Like, Tell me what you think in Comments and follow my blog for more of such posts !

Stay Happy, be Worthy

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