Do You NEED That Vacation/Car?

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Hope you guys are doing great as usual. This blog is about the how you can spend smart and what all to consider before actually shelling out money. Well, if you are coming to my page for the first time, I would suggest keep reading till the end ( my posts are not lengthy and boring mostly πŸ˜‚ ). If you are a follower of my page, then you already know what to do πŸ˜‰

Recently, I came across a WhatsApp forwarded message and it actually made sense. The message was about how the financial situation of families are degrading these days and I couldn’t agree more. However I try to restrict myself (not always though πŸ˜›) from spending under influence. But I try and improving every day to spend wiser. I will discuss few points which I feel are really making things go worse for many of us.

  1. Vacations under social pressure – I am sure if not everyone, many have done it at least once. Before you decide to spend those extra bucks on “your” vacation, stop for a minute and think – Do you actually need that vacation or it is just for the sake of some pictures on Facebook/Whatsapp/Instagram or may be because your “friends” are travelling and you thought it’d be fun. Everyone like to post pictures on their social media including me but are you spending heck of money just for the sake of it? Then it’s not worth. If you actually feel, YOU need that vacation then every penny is worth but if that’s not the case, don’t fall prey of societal pressure – waste of hard earned money!
  2. Buying stuff for status symbol -Be it a luxury car or some small stuff that your friend is using and you want to show off buying that, stop for a minute and think – is it a necessity? I remember when I bought my first car how much time we spent , making sure that it’s worth the cost based on our needs being fulfilled by that model and I still find myself (and of course my husband 😜) wise to have decided for the one we have.
  3. Grand Family Functions – okay, so I feel I have been there, wasting lot of hard earned money of my parents but honestly, I was too young to understand that back then. There was lot of money spent/wasted on my wedding because this was the first big function of my family where all friends/relatives were involved, though everyone who attended it (including every single person from my husband’s big family) was going gaga over the arrangement and function BUT I feel, that was the very hard earned money of my mom and dad which was spent like anything and if only I was little matute back then, could have saved. Lavish weddings, birthday parties or any other family function – aren’t these celebrations for our own selves and not for the society to give approval of how grand it was. Think before you spend, does that extra firework you plan is actually needed? Or that extra expensive caterer/decorators/flowerist etc etc – can’t you save a lot money there? Spend wisely.
  4. Being brand savvy – Each one of us have a financial background. I might be earning way less than my friend and without giving a second thought, if I start buying the stuff that he/she owns – I would end up bankrupt. Just think about it, celebrities who spend more than your salary on their lifestyle – can you copy that? Very clearly No then why your friend whose financial status is better than you. I myself am a big shopaholic, BUT I make sure I spend in proportion to how much I earn, not based on my credit card limit πŸ˜†

There are many other such pointers which can be a part of this article but those are not impactful, like eating out, parlours etc but I feel if you work hard to earn that money, you must spend little on yourself so not even mentioning all such pointers in this post.

Spend, in accordance to your salary, not to impress your friends/society.

I try to keep my posts shorter however I wrote a lot in this one πŸ˜›. Hope this was worth your time.

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Be who you actually are

Hello Fabulous People,

First of all, thanks and love to you all, who like my blog and posts and show their love constantly on my posts. Nothing can bring more happiness to a new blogger like me than seeing such intellect people like you all liking my not so perfect work πŸ™‚

Coming back to the topic, I wanted to write about in this post.

Who are you ?
-The one your neighbors know ?
-The one your relatives know?
-The one your friends know?
-The one the society, you live in, knows?

If you ask me, I am the one who I actually am – FOR EVERYONE.

It may look cliche but for me, if you have different versions of yourself for different people around you then end of the day it’s you who is under burden of behaving differently with different people.
I would rather be myself and perhaps being hated than being someone else and being desired for.

I see people who are under so much pressure just to prove others that they are desired, even though in reality, the ones who they show them as their friends are none other than the ones who bitches most about them and would not even be there in their hard times. I just don’t understand WHY. What kind of peace does it bring?
I would rather have just one friend who stands by me , instead of being with a bunch of people who don’t even care if I am fine.

Social media (though I am very much active on social media), does make things go worse. Everyone is so desperate to “look happy” on their Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp etc. etc. that they don’t even understand the very fact that they aren’t actually happy inside and it’s all fake on their social accounts.
People don’t even want to talk about their issues and so much under pressure to prove others’ that their life is Oh So Perfect ! But deep down, only they know if what they display is actually true or not.
Ok, so when I was young I used to worry a lot, trying hard to hide my failures,issues, problems reason being – what others would think about it? what if they judge me? what if they mock at me? wouldn’t it impact my image ? and many more such insecurities. As I am growing older and WISER πŸ˜‰ , I understand it doesn’t matter what my relatives/society/neighbors/mates think of me as long as I am HAPPY inside.
Being happy for me, is way more important than “look happy” on my social account.

Did you ever think why the “celebrities” are so open in talking about their issues – be it depression they have undergone once, issues with their health or problems in their marriages or anything else?
Because they are known for their good work, and are hardly affected by how the society judge them. There would always be people posting nasty things about them on their social accounts but do they give a damn about it? or to better put it in this way – do they even get time to have a look at those mean comments there? NO ! Because they are busy doing good for themselves rather than concentrating what the commoners – whose own life might suck, are writing while sitting in a small room, hiding behind their computer screen, are writing.
I was always conscious about what someone would say/write about me in public etc etc, but today I don’t care anymore. I don’t allow people to interfere with my peace. If I have issues, I don’t fear talking about those, I am never under pressure to make things look perfect when they actually aren’t. Life is a journey and we do make mistakes, learn and grow. Nobody’s life is a bed of roses and the harder you try to prove it is, the more frustrated you become inside.

Don’t pretend to be someone else, Be Yourself – I know this might give a feel of a Cliche but trust me, once you reach this maturity level, you would be the happiest.

Don’t try so hard to look happy ,to look desired, to prove yourself the best, to perfect everything is perfect – Be Happy, Be yourself and the ones who can connect will love you for what you are, look beyond the imperfections , embrace the issues and work to come over those.

Love more !

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Hello Reader,

This post is dedicated to all of us, moms. Before I even start writing it, just wanted to clear it’s neither a feminist post nor do I intend to prove men any inferior. I myself have been taken care of, by my dad when I was young as my mom is a working woman and she was working in a different city back then, taking care of my younger sister who was just an year old or so. And so I have HUGE RESPECT for him, not just coz he’s my father but because taking care of such a small kid single handedly while taking care of his job would have not been easy.

As they say “God couldn’t be everywhere and so he created mothers”. Now when I am a mom of 3 years old hansome boy, I know being a mom isn’t easy and how much sacrifice a mom does for her kid. A mom is the one who carries the child for whole 9 months while sufferring from pregnancy’s issues – be it nausea, vomiting, dizziness and numerous others, goes through the unbearable pain of labor and then delivery, even before recovering from her own pain, starts taking care of the new life, goes through postpartum depression (many don’t even know there’s a real thing called postpartum depression), her body changes like anything due to pregnancy and delivery, and the list just goes on and on.


This image might look funny but we all, who have been there, know how painful it is. No matter how sick a mom is, she still would always be there, doing everything without even complaining.God also chose women to bear children for this very reason I am sure πŸ˜„ – and SO MUMS 😊

Coming back to the men, least you could do is helping out your partner in taking care of the child who she carried and delivered, only so he/she be known as “your child”. You can’t carry the child in your womb, but you can take care of your ailing wife, be faithful to her, be there for her.You can’t breastfeed the child but you can stay up calming the crying kid while the new mom who’s struggling with her own health could sleep for few hours. You can take care of the child when your wife is sick so she doesn’t struggle. There are numerous such small tasks that you NEED TO take care of.

I yearn to see more dads like mine πŸ™‚ . Huge repect to the community of men who understand and help their wives with houlsehold chores or children !

Be good, KARMA pays off !

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Love you all !!


Passion Vs Possession

Good Morning pretty people,

Hope you are feeling good this morning, if not do put efforts to feel good πŸ˜‰

Well, this post is about passion that we want to live for vs being stuck at our respective lives for survival. Can you relate to it – I am sure many of us falls into this zone, if not everyone.

Talking about my own self, started working as a techie, now a mum of 3 year old super hyperactive boy whom of course I love to the moon and back, and still trying to live my passion.

You know, in all this jiffy that we get, to achieve everything we want to, somewhere one thing most of us sacrifice is our Passion. Someone who’s working as a techie( like me πŸ˜€ ),sitting in a small cubicle, might be a good painter/singer/dancer and wanted to pursue that but bare necessities bind us with what we do for livelihood.
So is this the end of story?Do we end up “managing stuffs” for achieving the bare necessities?
I’d say NO ! There’s a lot you can do for your own self, no matter what stage of life you are in. I am trying to do that, despite of having a full time job, a kid and barely any time. It’s all about putting in some efforts for your own self like you do for others – your beloved ones. Take some time out from your busy schedule for your own self , do what you love to, make conscious efforts to pamper yourself, staying happy. If you believe someone else is gonna walk that extra mile and do that for you, my friend, let me tell you- you are so very wrong πŸ™‚ .
Do what makes you feel good, even if it’s cribbing about your issues – Yes I do it when I feel like πŸ˜‰ . Just make sure, NOT to/ in front of wrong set of people πŸ˜€ . I do have a bad experience there πŸ˜›

You don’t need to be in your teens to achieve all, in fact I believe teens are those years where most of us don’t even realize the importance and rarely put in some conscious efforts or in a state to live our passion – at least I was such a kiddo back then or can say more important was to be independent financially πŸ™‚

Long story short, no matter what age you are what stage of life or challenges you have, it’s never too late to live your passion. Don’t be skeptical , just push that accelerator and go for it. It does make you feel good of yourself – Tried and tested πŸ˜‰

Always keep one thing in mind, whenever you try to do something different or that not many around you are doing, you may face criticism, mocking , etc etc.. All you gotta do is – DO NOT BOTHER AND KEEP GOING ! … Trust me, if you’re good,appreciation will outnumber the criticism !
Never give up on your dreams.

With this short, little positive post Signing Off πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Nykaa Matte To Last ! Liquid Lipstick – Review and Swatchs -Bombae 01 and Rukmini 22 shades

Hello Pretty Girls,

This post is about Nykaa Matte To Last Liquid Lipsticks – review and swatches. Honestly speaking, I am a big time fan of Nykaa lipsticks. I would review and post swatches of 2 shades from this range of Nykaa lipsticks – ‘Bombae 01’ and ‘Rukmini 22’.

This range of Nykaa lipsticks are priced at INR 599/- for 5 ml of product. The consistency of the lipstick is quite good and it dries after 15-20 seconds of application. These are heavily pigmented, easy gliding, super matte, still doesn’t feel chappy on lips. These are completely transfer-proof however may fade if you eat something.

Talking about the 2 shades I am reviewing here –

  1. Bombae 01 – Bombae is the pinkish nude shade, with warm undertone. This would suit all skin tones. Apt for an everyday use at office or casual outings.
  2. Rukmini 22 – Rukmini is a bright red with pink undertone shade. This brightens up the look real quick. I love this shade.

    Pros –
    Paraben freeΒ 
    Transfer-proof, doesn’t bleed
    Good staying power of 4-5 hours. Might need little touch up if you have meals wearing it. But it can survive liquids.
    Smooth and glides very easily with the help of applicator
    Highly Pigmented

    Might feel drying if you already have dry lips, apply a lip balm if in case of chapped lips.

    I am definitely buying other shades of this range. Love it !

    Have you tried any of these? What do you think about it. Please feel free to drop your feedback in Comments below –

    Stay happy and healthy and a very happy new year to you all .. Love Love

New Year New Hopes and some resolutions

Hello Readers,

A very happy new year. May this year brings a lot of happiness ij your lives and you all be blessed with everything you wish for.

New year is the time of year where we all are super excited for the year to come, always wishing that with a new year we’ll be getting over with problems and have a life like never before (atleast a kid in me always thought so 😊)

Definitely, lot of it does happen, we all try to be more happy, successful, surrounded with less problems etc etc but we may not achieve many of the thingsnwe hope for.

I have started looking at the New Year little differently. I do make resolutions but more realistic ones πŸ˜‰, still dream big but make sure I work towards that more than I could ever do, don’t hope to become someone else but try to improve myself, remain positive as much as I can, try to keep myself at peace and happy and one last thing, try to be less hesitant in doing something which once I thought was impossible.

Change is a slow process and persistence is the key.

Talking about Resolutions, I also have some, more realistic than previous years though 😁

  1. Stay positive and try to be independent in terms of my own happiness. As I am growing every year, understanding the importance of happiness over everything else. Being emotional and being emotionally dependent are two completely different worlds. So I would try to focus and keep myself happy without depending on anything or anyone, this year πŸ™‚
  2. Would try to balance personal and professional lives. I admit I at times am ignorant towards few things because I fail to balance my personal and professional lives and this is one of the major resolutions this year.
  3. Need to take care and work on my own health. I am the kind of person who sucks at paying attention to my own health many a times which gradually would be a big pain so yeah this is something i need to work on very seriously.
  4. Letting things go. Well, we all read about it a lot but little do we apply (at least I don’t). Anything which doesn’t help you grow, you NEED to let that go be it a bad habit of your own or an abusive friendship/relationship. I admit of holding on to things way more than needed and which is the worst thing to do.

These are few resolutions that I had made for this new year, not sure how much of it I can live upto, though 😁

What are your resolutions for this new year? Do write in comments, would love to read !!!

One more time, Happy New Year. Stay healthy n happy 😊

Love Love


What nobody tells you about #Sales on online stores

Hey you beautiful people,

This is Christmas, New Year season and that time of the year where all you would see is SALE SALE SALE ! πŸ˜… .. Well, quite literally πŸ™„

Just like most of us, I too am a big time shopaholic who just need reasons to shop.

However after doing hell lot of shopping during this Shopping season, I realized and understood few gimmicks that online stores play and we as buyers may not understand and rush to shop almost everything. So here i am writing few from my personal experience

  1. Free Gifts – There would be some offers under which the online stores promise to privide a free gift on a minimum purchasee of, say a particular brand. I bought ‘Stay Quirky’ brand’s products worth Rs. 999 just to receive a free gift lipstick. Well, firstly I didn’t have a plan to buy products of this particular brand worth rs. 999 but because I wanted that one free lipstick, i made the cart value as min 999/-. Now, the product that I received as a free gift was a lip crayon which was of the color I believe nobody in this planet would go for πŸ˜‘ . So the point is Free Gifts that they provide you are the ones least sold and which may be of no use.
  2. No discounts on LUXE brands – While the whole website of the online shopping store will flash with offers discounts blah blah, you won’t find discounts on Luxury brands like Clinique, Estee Lauder etc. I have tried buying Clinique moisturizer on discount cos this is Sales season and guess what, failed to locate one website which selling that on discounted price. Not sure what Sales is all about if what I actually need is on MRP.
  3. You may received damaged products – Yes, you read that right. I have recently bought a Maybelline high end lip mousse because I was getting that in discount of course but when i received it, it wasnt seal(I assumed liquid lipsticks may not always be sealed) and it was all dried. Also, check for the expiry dates of the products you receive as high chancea are, discounted products are the ones expiring soon and the website just needs to clear the stock.
  4. You may end up over buying and products you don’t need only – At least I do this. However I do use the products but make sure you buy the ones you actually need and don’t make your budget suffer 😁

Well, this was all on this topic. Please do let me know your take and experiences in Comments.

Much Love